Schoolyear 2016-2017


* Journal service: On these days we are open for you, but with limited groups and staff – please check with your teacher or with the management team. For one day you have to pay extra 19€.


Date Holiday Daycare yes/no
Wed. 26th of Oct. National holiday no
Tue. 1st of Nov. All saint’s day no
Tue. 15th of Nov. St. Leopold no
Tue. 8th of Dec. Mariä conception no
Mo. 26th of Dec. St. stephen’s day no
Tue.27th of Dec. *Journal service
Wed.28th of Dec. *Journal service
Thu. 29th of Dec. *Journal service
Fr. 30th of Dec. *Journal service



Date Holiday Daycare yes/no
Fr. 6th of Jan. Holy 3 kings no
Fr. 14th of April Good friday no
Mo. 17th of April Eastermonday no
Mo. 1st of May National holiday no
Thu. 25th of May Ascension of christ no
Fr. 26th of May *Journal service
Mo. 5th of June Whit monday no
Thu. 15th of June Corpus christi no
Fr. 16th of June Teamday no
24.-28th of July Cleaning-organisation week no
Mo. 14th of Aug. *Journal service
Tue. 15th of Aug. Assumption day no


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