Scientific studies teach us how crucial the very first years of life of a child is.

In this short time so many developmental and learning processes take place as never again else in life. Accordingly, it is our job to create an environment that supports growth and maturation. In the past the people thought a child is a passive, helpless creature. Now we know that it itself is emerging from the urge has to understand and learn the social and physical environment.

This urge, learn and understand, is preserved if we give the child the ability to act independently and to contemplate the world. We see the child as a co-designer of his own education. Your child as the greatest treasure for you and the future of our society. Therefore, our aim is on the one hand, to give your child a happy growing up time in our house, and thus contribute to a better society and also to give your child a second home where it can feel comfortable .

Here you can read the different guideline which we have to stick to:


Bundesländerübergreifend Bildungsrahmenplan

Modul letztes verpflichtendes Jahr in elementaren Bildungseinrichtungen

Sprachliche Förderung Übergang Kdg in Schule


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