The kindergarten has two locations in the 18th district of Vienna.

On our location Schulgasse 34 we have 5 groups ( 4 Babygroups and 1 Familygroup) and a private playground.

On our location Schulgasse 30 we have 1 Babygroup and a big gymnastic room.

The visit of the kindergarten before age 5 is voluntary, then mandatory. The educational work, however, is designed so that it requires a regular visit of the child. Children themselves require a minimum of regularity to exist in groups and make friends as well as to maintain.


Location, Schulgasse 34              Free Spots:      Kleinkindgruppe: 5           Familiengruppe: 4


Babygroup (2 month -until 3 1/2 years)                               Familygroup (2 years until 6 years)

with 15 children                                                                         with 20 children

Turtlegroup                                                                                  Seahorsegroup





Location, Schulgasse 30               Free Spots:      Kleinkindgruppe: 0


Babygroup (2 month -until 3 1/2 years)

with 15 children



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