Parental Contribution

Monthly parents payment

half day                 7am until 1pm or  1pm-7pm          food 120€      Englisch 130€       amount: 270€

Ganztags               7am until 7pm                                  food 150€       Englisch 170€      amount: 350€

Flexiline               16 hours                                                                                                       amount: 170€

costs for excoursions = 20€ per month (for reservated Bus we count every child, so everybody needs to pay  for it – even if they are sick)

Brother-Sisters  -10% from the monthly parent payment (only half day or full day)

We are a non profit organisation which is supported by the City of Vienna. Contribution since 01.01.2022_eng


Daycare after 7pm per hour 15,00 €

Guests (4years and up) per day 25,00 € – no other payments (registration, handcraft,deposit…)


Registration payment 150,00 €

Chip 50,00 €

Handcraftwork fee for pre-school children once a year 50,00 €

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